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    Extension Cambridge IGCSE Geography (0460) (0976) 2020-2022 Syllabus

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      Chris Brown

      Head of Online Professional Learning 

      Course overview

      This three week course is divided into four lessons. During each lesson we will be collaborating to identify key issues, engaging in discussions and asking questions. We will be focusing on the following areas:

        • Syllabus challenges - how we plan for these and measure the effectiveness of our interventions.
        • Understanding the marking principles and assessment structure.
        • Applying marking principles.
        • Using formative feedback to support student progress.

      Course timings

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      M T W T F S S
      Before you start
      Week 1

      Lesson 1: Syllabus challenges Think Share
      Week 2

      Lesson 2: Understanding marking principles Think Share
      Lesson 3: Applying marking principles Mark
      Week 3

      Lesson 3: Applying marking principles (continued) Share Discuss
      Lesson 4: Formative feedback Think Share Refine
      Course review Reflect

    • Course information

       1 hour

      How the course works

      Before you start the course, you should familiarise yourself with what to expect during the course, how to make the most of your time, and the course completion criteria.

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    • Before you start

       30 minutes

       Getting to know each other

      In this lesson, you will introduce yourself and get to know your colleagues and tutor.

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    • Lesson 1

       4 hours

      Syllabus challenges

      In this lesson, we will explore the following questions:

      • How can we plan to teach challenging areas of the syllabus?
      • How do we know the interventions we have planned are effective?
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    • Lesson 2

        1 hour

      Understanding the marking principles

      In this lesson, we will explore the following questions:

      • What is the assessment structure?
      • What key themes and challenges are identified by the Principal Examiners Report (PERT)?

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    • Lesson 3

        3 hours

       Applying marking principles

      In this lesson, we will explore the following questions:

      • What are the marking principles?
      • How are the marking principles applied?

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    • Lesson 4

       4 hours

      Formative feedback

      In this lesson, we will explore the following question:

      • How can formative feedback support student progress?
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    • Course review

       1 hour

      Course review

      In this final lesson, we will explore the following questions:

      • What are the key learning points from the course and how have they addressed the main challenges faced by learners?
      • How will my practice look different, next week, month, and year?

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