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This course is for all exams officers administering Cambridge exams and assessments. 

The course is split into modules which detail our main processes and regulations. Each module comes with material to read and download, plus a reflection exercise to help you check that your centre is following the correct procedures. Some modules come with a quiz to make sure you understand our main regulations.

There is a forum in this course for you to ask any questions you have about the training modules.

After you have accessed one module in the course you will be able to access a certificate of participation. You can access the course wherever and whenever you need to and as many times as you like. 

To access the course for the first time, use the enrolment key: Cf34R

This course is free to access.

This course holds all our exams officer webinars for UK exams officers.

Please enrol on this course using the enrollment code: Welc17_UK

This course holds all our exams officer webinars for international exams officers.

Please use the enrolment code sent in the email confirming your webinar registration. Details on how to register are in the Cambridge Exams officer eNews.